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We are professionally manufactured in laser cutting service,log splitter,wood chipper,log saw,mower and so on.

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Duke Power Limited | Updated: Mar 04, 2016

Wood splitting machine is the paper industry, artificial board industry, wood processing industry important mechanical preparation, the model can be processed raw footage can be processed fine films, which BX-1710 is a spiral disc machining, wood high precision, excellent quality , low cost, high efficiency, reasonable price, welcome to exercise power. Spiral Chipper is a special equipment for producing purified wood chips, mainly for high-grade wood pulp and paper production industry, the preparation processing operations. The machine's main raw material is wood cutting after peeling, small trees and fuelwood harvesting times more than other materials. Aircraft structure is reasonable, motor direct, powerful, easy to operate, good product quality, high production efficiency, is the ideal choice for wood processing enterprises and pulp industry machinery. For too thick (200mm or more), too small (10mm or less), is too short (250mm or less), too thin (10mm or less) and irregular raw material (not decomposed stump, twigs, etc.) do not have a uniform cutting function, or simply raw materials based on the original cut, but in line with the processing of raw materials within the scope of the uniform has a better cutting performance, while the wall thickness of 5 mm slices of bamboo has a layered cutting function.

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