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Gasoline Log Saw Conveyor Belt Is Vulnerable

Duke Power Limited | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Gasoline Log Saw Conveyor belt is vulnerable
Gasoline Log Saw in the use of its conveyor belt is always vulnerable to damage, which for our work caused no small impact, so we are in the operation, we must strictly follow the correct steps, of course, there are Time, some of the reasons for the product itself can not be avoided, this time we need to promptly find and replace, and then we come to understand the reasons for its vulnerability.
1. The drive assembly of the drive base is based on the ground, the wood chips pile up the belt;
2. Excessive feed, Gasoline Log Saw is too late to cut, wood and belt to produce relative movement and tear the belt;
3. with the bark of the forest, feeding roller is not easy to clamp into the cutting position, resulting in the relative movement of branches and belts and tear the belt
Tips: Gasoline Log Saw solutions and precautions:
1. According to the installation diagram to open the base row of holes, to avoid the accumulation of scrap;
2. By section of Gasoline Log Saw;
3. Remove the bark of the bark or branch material before feeding and feed it forward
Gasoline Log Saw conveyor belt damage, we must know where the problem lies in order to repair the time will not be confused and disoriented, if you are not very familiar with the product, then Xiaobian suggested that you in time to find the relevant maintenance technology Personnel to deal with.
Gasoline Log Saw at the start, and occasionally found that its frequency suddenly too high, then this is due to what causes it? In fact, when we are in operation, its frequency must be reached the frequency of launch, can start, but if we start the frequency is greater than the frequency of launch, then there may be what we call the status quo, then specific What is the reason?
Gasoline Log Saw starting frequency can not be too high, this is because the device just started when the speed is zero, in the start process, the electromagnetic torque in addition to victory over the load resistance torque, but also to overcome the rolling part of the inertial masking, The responsibility for the equipment is more important than the successive work. If the pulse frequency is too high at the start, then the speed of the rotor can not keep up with the speed of rotation of the stator magnetic field, so that the first step of the end of the balance behind the balance, the future speed of the rotor increased little, while the stator magnetic field The ratio between the rotor and the equilibrium direction is increasing, and the distance between the rotor and the equilibrium direction is increased, and the device does not start up due to the step or the vibration appearance due to the rotor's position falling outside the stable area.
A variety of Gasoline Log Saw launch frequency is different, many high-frequency frequency of the Gasoline Log Saw use of dual-voltage operation that is launched from high pressure to low pressure, and the smaller the pace of the more appropriate high frequency, the greater the power of the more appropriate Frequency operation.
In order to start normally, the starting frequency can not be too high, should be in the Gasoline Log Saw start and then gradually increase the frequency.
Gasoline Log Saw If the frequency is too high, then the equipment will always have a certain impact and damage, so we need to do is to find the problem in time and find a solution, this is the solution, so that, We have a good study, the reasons for the emergence of where.

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